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For Rent

Welcome to Moskevska 63 in Prague 10, where exceptional office spaces await your business. Recently renovated in 2020, this five-story building seamlessly blends modern design with practicality. Boasting 31 parking spaces and a total area of 3,725 square meters, our refurbished offices offer a contemporary and functional workspace. Elevate your business presence in the heart of Prague with this meticulously updated office building, providing a perfect blend of style and efficiency to meet the demands of today’s dynamic work environment.

Technical info

3725 m² For Your Bussiness

3725 m² For
Your Bussiness

5 floors
1st: 781,33 m²
2nd: 736,17 m²
3rd: 734,9 m²
4th: 735,37 m²
5th: 737,29 m²

We have a parking 31 parking spaces in a gated lot available.

Electric Cars
4 rechargeable wallboxes for electric cars
(3 located on the building and 1 in the parking lot).
5th floor Terrace with a 360 degree view.
New Heating system by two modern heat pumps + gas boiler.

CCTV system, Jablotron security system,
Modern EVVA Airkey keyless entry chip system.



In A Great Company

In A Great Company




Feel Free To Ask Questions

Feel Free
To Ask Questions

For more information please contact
Edifice Group Property Manager
Jakub Schlenker

+420 723 969 036

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